Private access, quality trout Unforgettable Experiences 2.5 Miles of private access trout stream. quality trout.
limited anglers each day. Unlimited fun.

Dream-fishing at escatawba farms in 3-steps

1: Schedule Your Day lease(s)

We only allow 8 fishermen per day at Escatawba Farms, so book your day or days early to lock in your dates!

2: Decide if you’ll
engage a guide

Working with a guide is optional but highly recommended so that you’ll know when and where to fish, and with what.

3: Show up at the farm!

We are an easy, and scenic, drive from just about anywhere in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, DC, and North Carolina.

Let us give you the stream to yourself At Escatawba farms, a limited number of rods are
permitted to fish our 2.5 miles of private water.

Important Details for your Trip

Weather at the Farm

Check in to see how the weather is trending at the farm today, so you can prepare.
Check the Weather

CancelLation Policy

Day leases can not be canceled or refunded. Choose your day wisely.
Read the Details

Creek Conditions

Prepare for flow, depth, and hatch conditions at the creek ahead of your reservation.
Check the Creek

We’ve been in your wading boots… Now wade in our water

We’ve fished our share of public water, and landed more than our share of disappointing trout. We’ve also stocked our stream for 20 years with quality trout so that anglers like you can make fishing memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s just a few of them: